Cancer Friday on a night sky background

Cancer Horoscope - Friday, February 26, 2021: You're not settling for second best

You'll wake up to a warmer, more considerate self


Cancer, you'll wake up to a warmer, more considerate self who will do the best possible to take care of your partner. You'll have a sixth sense to create a magical environment filled with tenderness and chemistry around you.

Does this mean that your love life will be better than ever? Not necessarily. In fact, it isn't a good time for patching up. The spark that used to shine and sync your hearts together faded off and shall never come back.

If you're single, you'll have a bright and optimistic attitude. You're not settling for second best, you'll have more than polite gestures with the person you like, and you're allowing your heart to express all its impulses.

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You'll be all set when it comes to work. You'll be able to retake those old projects that you'd nearly banished off. Your awake mind could find the missing piece overnight! All you need is some patience.

Going forward on full speed could wreck your dreams, and rushing to make a fortune could be the first step into poverty and getting stalled in place.

Your financial situation won't feel any incoming threats, and you'll be pretty sensible when spending; all you'll care for will be shopping for the essentials.


Some morning workouts will do wonders.  Get your best trainers on and walk a few laps around the block before heading off to work.

You should lower down the amount of salt on your plate, and not just the pinches that you add when you're sitting at the table, but also the salt you use when cooking (while keeping in mind that there's certain foods and sauces which are already naturally salty).

And finally, don't forget that high blood pressure and fluid retention are linked to this naturally-sourced white item.

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