The Cancer sign surrounded by stars

Cancer Horoscope - Saturday, December 26, 2020: You'll ignore all incoming criticism

You'll do your own thing, your efforts to be happy will multiply


Cancer, you won't mind the world a single bit. You'll do your own thing, your efforts to be happy will multiply, and you'll ignore any incoming criticism from some bored individuals who do nothing but analyse your steps and see where you're tripping.

Here's some advice: choose your friends wisely, and don't hide them from your partner. The stars foresee a jealous instance in your life that could be perfectly avoided.

If you're single, you're particularly fixed on hiding away your flings, perhaps because you're getting closer to someone who's married, or because you're tripping on the same stone that brought you to fall flat on your back in the past.

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You enjoy spending money too much.  Sometimes you think that the solution to every problem lies inside your credit card, and that the more you use it, the better things will go.

Have you ever considered how much an hour of work is? Have you thought about the efforts you need to make on working days to buy a luxury item?

Think about it with a cool mind, and this Saturday you might hold back with your expenses. Before asking for a bill, you should honestly think about whether you truly need that item, or if it's just a whim. Don't cover up other daily issues under a layer of consumerism.


Take a chance now that the weekend's here and run a deep cleanse through your home,  putting a big focus on bacteria-prone areas around the house (such as could be the bathroom).

But don't mix cleaning products any which way, because you could create toxic gases that would poison your eyes or lungs.

And while you're at it, clear out some wardrobes, pull together whatever you don't need, and donate it to people with little resources. Doing some generous actions will allow you to go to sleep with a warm, fuzzy feeling in your heart.

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