Cancer Horoscope Wednesday 2020

Cancer Horoscope - Wednesday, August 26, 2020: Stop daydreaming about fairytales

Your sixth sense will tell you what to do


Cancer, you need to escape that personal hell that resides in your heart every now and then. Doubts and insecurities haunt you from every corner, and you don't trust your relationship. You tend to compare it to those of other friends and family, and think that you're the one losing.

If your relationship isn't as satisfying as you want at the moment, get down to work! And highlight your sex life a little more, because it's fallen on the backseat. Have you considered talking to your partner about getting some adult toys? But in any case, you know it's quite the norm to have passion go up and down.

If you're single, you'll stop staring into the horizon and make an effort to build a steady, tangible sense of emotional bliss. Stop daydreaming about fairytales!

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If you're a business owner, it'll be hard for you to find a good candidate to add to your staff. You keep trying to find a perfect fit, and you can't see that there's highly skilled people around you whom you could provide with the tools they need to become a powerful asset.

You need to control that tendency to mistrust everyone and everything. And you should be more appreciative of the attitudes and aptitudes of people around you, including your relatives.

As far as finances are concerned, you'll have to make some tweaks and rearrangements because there are expenses that are no longer fit for your budget. Your sixth sense will tell you what to do.

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Rather than your physical health, today you should be worried about your mind.  There are toxic individuals that will come for you just to pour their pain on you, thus risking your mental health and sanity in the process.

Learn to make your likes and preferences a priority; today, you should take on the challenge of doing exclusively what you want. Don't do things just to please others, or because that's what is expected of you.