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Cancer Horoscope - Monday, April 26, 2021: Do your best to remember important dates

You'll enjoy letting go and doing fun things that break the mold

❤️ Love

Cancer, your mind's gone out on a holiday,  and you might forget an important date that happens today (or over the course of the next few days). Your anniversary, your Taurus-born child's birthday, or perhaps a crucial, relevant family event.

If you're single, you'll be completely free. You'll enjoy letting go and doing fun things that break the mold. Some of you might dare to try out new areas in your sex life, things that had always called your attention but which you'd never dared to try before.

As far as married couples go, you'll understand one another. You'll be humble and fun, and you'll understand the reason behind some things that you used to dislike about your partner.

💰 Money

You're tired of being on the phone and computer all day;  this new technological world where we live has forced changes and evolution into communication, and that includes business affairs.

You'll be highly disciplined and act as a role model for other colleagues who stray off the right track. You'll know how to give good advice, even though it might be hard for you to follow suit with what others advise you in return).

There might be a change in schedule or responsibilities coming in your company, but it won't bother you at all. You enjoy new challenges and know that you've still got a lot to give.

👩‍⚕️ Health

Venus seems to be willing to give you great news in health affairs.  Your heart's desires will be fulfilled. You'll probably have some dynamic, lively moments today, and you'll be happy to show things that no one expected you to do.

You're more than ready to change certain things in your body, but forget about going under the knife; you won't get the expected results.

👍 Tip of the day

Explain things twice (and maybe even three times if needed) to make everything crystal clear

🍀 Lucky numbers

Your lucky numbers for Monday, April 26 are 8, 14 and 29.

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