Cancer Horoscope Friday 2020

Cancer Horoscope - Friday, September 25, 2020: Your inner fighter will awaken

Your relationship to your partner will be shrouded in harmony


There'll be plenty of light as far as couples go; this is a Friday when living together will be a piece of cake, small things will be more appreciated and good news will be spread more easily. Your relationship to your partner will be shrouded in harmony and you'll support one another strongly.

If you're a single Cancer, today you'll get started on a prosper stage of love. You might enjoy a date with excellent omens. Try to say how you really feel, not what the other person wants to hear.

Make relationships with your family and close relatives a top priority, and make sure you oil up your family machine if contact is getting rusty. Your efforts will be more than rewarded.

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Use your sky's arrangement to make some progress at work.  You'll become more active and ambitious, and your inner competitive fighter will awaken as your intuition grows larger as well. You'll become especially fierce if your job includes sales commissions.

Today you might even be able to sell ice to penguins if you set your mind into it. Let your creativity soar. Consider investing in advertising if your business needs a little helpful push, and let everyone see what you do.

Besides, there are great earnings coming for those that were able to keep their budget tight lately. Saving up is never a bad idea.


Good news coming! It's time to get a fancy meal treat, to eat those foods that you usually dodge but which make your palate drool.

The soothing effect of these items will allow you to become stronger against adverse star influences.

At work, we pointed out that your fighting spirit was coming out, and now it's coming back up again. If you work in a sport competition, your rivals should really be scared today, because you're ready to go all out.