Cancer Horoscope Sunday 2020

Cancer Horoscope - Sunday, October 25, 2020: Pay closer attention to details

You'll feel the need to communicate with someone


Cancer, your partner's trying real hard to make you happy, although you might not be too appreciative of their devotion. Sometimes you become too obstinate and forget to pay attention to details. All that's getting you is missing out on the best flavours in life.

This Sunday might be an unpleasant day for you (for no apparent reason) when you become too critical and easily get upset when it comes to love. Your backtalk might even get ugly or hurtful if you don't hold yourself back.

If you're still free and unattached, you'll feel the need to communicate with someone who's physically or emotionally far from you. But at a first glance, your daily forecast is more connected to friendship than love.

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Be careful with toxic individuals at work,  especially if they haven't been around the office for too long. Their persuasion skills might get into your mind ideas that don't fit your world perspective.

And yet another weekend, the stars are telling you to hold your spending back, because when it comes to leisure and free time, they're more slippery than oil.

You'll fall prey to heinous temptations (especially from catalog shopping or virtual stores and apps) and your savings won't make it to the other side.

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When it comes to your diet, keep in mind that excessive fiber could make your intestines sore, so don't go too far. And have water every time your body wants you to.

Those of you who have to take a long drive, whether for pleasure, family duties or other reasons, should be extremely careful to avoid accidents.

Don't worry, nothing bad's going to happen, but you should keep a calm approach anyway, especially if you're getting behind the wheel.

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