Cancer Thursday on a night sky background

Cancer Horoscope - Thursday, March 25, 2021: You'll be equally generous and carefree

You'll focus hard on getting what your partner wants done


Cancer, your Thursday is all about serenity.  The stars will make you equally generous and carefree, and you'll focus hard on getting what your partner wants done. Their happiness is a reflection of your own.

You're coming to realise that beauty lies within imperfection, so you'll lower down the guard you set up to project success and confidence 24 hours a day. You really couldn't care less if you look vulnerable today. You're a human, after all, not a superhero!

If you're single, you'll realise that you're ditching many of the resolutions you set out for 2021. It is true that the worldwide health crisis isn't giving you room enough to fly away, but don't cling to that as an excuse not to meet new people.

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You'll know how to use your professional skills.  It's up to you to sort out that particular issue others can't wrap their mind around. Your good dose of patience and mental agility will leave plenty of people in awe.

In the same way, you're one of the most generous signs in terms of work performance, and you'll help out colleagues who have just arrived in the company and feel lost and out of place. Your advice will be very helpful and won't fall into oblivion.

You've got plenty of hopes for the future, although you shouldn't give up on the perspective of the here and now. You need to be fully aware of where you're standing.


You'll become a full-on homebody and it'll be hard for you to get out. This is one of those days when going to the gym will sound almost like a modern-day form of medieval torture.

Besides, you'll feel tempted to give up on your diet and embrace fast food. If the scales tell you an ugly truth later on, you're absolutely not allowed to mope.

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