Cancer Horoscope Saturday 2020

Cancer Horoscope - Saturday, July 25, 2020: It'll be too easy to be a fashion victim

You'll enjoy love as an exchange, a cooperation project


This Saturday you'll manage to work on your tolerance, Cancer; you'll enjoy love as an exchange, a cooperation project.  You manage to control the selfishness that can occasionally sprout inside you, and you'll fight for your relationship even if it seems to have become fatally wounded.

Reconcilement can happen today; some of you will make divorce agreements take a step back, because you still love one another, and there's still pages to complete in your book of love.

If you're single, you're in for an active social life, and Venus will promote some nice encounters. Don't be surprised if you experience love at first sight, physical attraction will be quite overwhelming.

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Be more patient if you're currently out of work, or in a contract with few hours of actual work to do, which is making you more upset than happy. You'll soon get an interview to match your expectations.

Start thinking about how to negotiate with a company, and that will lead you into setting quite an interesting deal up with perfect work conditions.

Watch out for cash, because you could be likely to lose it to carelessness, or because you make large purchases! In that sense, you'll become a fashion victim, and this could be the one thing to break your bank.


Mars will give you an extra dose of energy,  but it also strengthens inner tension, so it could cause some nasty nervous impulses. That's why you'll have to keep your discipline levels on high and constantly try to find a sense of direction.

Don't feel overwhelmed if your wellness or moods go up and down this Saturday. While you can, use your free time to learn how to keep yourself healthy and in shape.

In order to feel better about yourself, you could improve your external appearance. Get some make-up on, play around with your facial hair if you're a man, and surprise everyone with a makeover.