The Cancer sign

Cancer Horoscope - Monday, January 25, 2021: History doesn't have to repeat itself

You'll be delighted to taste any pleasures that Venus sets out onto your path


Cancer, the week begins with great perspectives  for your love life, and smiling will be the norm. You'll be delighted to taste any pleasures that Venus sets out onto your path, and you'll feel extremely privileged.

As a piece of advice, the stars encourage you to think less about your past problems and focus on your here and now. In the same way, ward off past issues, no matter how hurtful they felt in your heart.

There's also a remarkable power in you to forgive yourself. You'll move on from whatever mistakes you made, and you'll stop feeling ashamed about being victim to several unfair instances. History doesn't have to repeat itself if you set your soul into it.

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Your work could be broken apart by unexpected turns of events (which you'll have to face for sure). Don't let yourself go with pessimism and make whatever effort is necessary to overcome them.

Use well the time today to make your house a little tidier as well. Empty out your closets from whatever pieces you no longer use, and consider donating them to charity homes.

In the same way, take a look around the attic and peruse through your old toys; you might find items that are considered collector's treasures and you could get some decent money out of them.


You'll be dynamic and entrepreneurial;  you'll be beaming with vitality and also a little lucky when getting into sport competitions.

Some of you will start to think about getaways already if you're really tired. You should think about finding a place where, aside from leisure, you can experience health treatments, such as a natural open spa, for instance.

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