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Cancer Horoscope - Thursday, February 25, 2021: You'll live your day in an oasis of love

You'll move on from any crisis or argument points


Cancer, you'll live in a true oasis of love.  This Thursday will be the perfect day for your relationships, and you'll move on from any crisis or argument points. You're going all in for peace and the most traditional forms of romance.

Communication doesn't have to get dense. Sometimes, with just a few words, a message is so much clearer than with a loud, proud speech. Keep this in mind when you need to share something tough to handle with your partner (or kids).

If you're single, you'll be highly defensive around your freedom; so much so that you'll shut doors to some people who want to get into your life and make it a nicer experience. You'll only lower down your guard if Cupid shoots one of his arrows over to you.

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You need a proper measure of trust  when dealing with your work colleagues. They're right there to help you out at any given time, but don't abuse what they can give you from their position. Get into their shoes for a second and see how you'd do.

It's important, while you're at it, that you do favours for some of the people who have helped you over the last few months. Even if they didn't say it out loud, this might be their real time of need.

You'll be kind of mean with money this Thursday, perhaps because the month is coming to an end, and some professional services will be, to your understanding, too expensive for what they are.


You've got a decent energy flow going on in your life. You're like a magnet attracting good vibrations, and pushing away any individuals with foul intentions.

You've become slightly selfish, watching your own wellness and quality of life closely, and you're encouraging others to do the same.

However, there's still some minor discomfort coming, such as a minor short headache, especially if you spend long hours on end sitting at the computer and with not too much of a good lighting source.

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