The sign of Cancer with a black starred background

Cancer Horoscope - Friday, December 25, 2020: Don't let your guard down

Try to have a happy, family-bound day


Cancer, your romantic balance is pretty tight,  so avoid complex issues that force you to tiptoe on a tightrope. Your focus won't always be sharp throughout the day, and there's issues that could spike up your nerves.

Try to take on a backseat role at home, avoid conflict, and take a step back if you go off-track before you're asked to explain yourself.

If you're single, the stars are telling you that you don't need to test your romantic interest. There's great chances for making severe mistakes. Put your doubt aside and try to have a happy, family-bound day.

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How about working hard for once?  Do whatever you can to make your drive be seen from the outside, and don't let anyone question your mood or your proper work performance.

It's Christmas, but isn't this a good time to face that professional task you've been putting off out of sheer laziness? Work on your potential and don't let your guard down.

It'll be a pretty intense day for those of you who work in the service or computing industry; some of you will be lucky enough to create a contact network for future business.


Watch the way you walk!  If you're feeling pain in your knee area, it might be because you don't divide the weight equally. In that sense, always choose comfortable shoes. Those pretty yet painful pumps should stay in the closet for good.

And as far as your diet goes, the stars encourage you to follow a protein-rich diet today, and reduce alcohol and fat intake as much as you can.

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