Cancer Horoscope Thursday 2020

Cancer Horoscope - Thursday, September 24, 2020: Your spiritual mood will grow

Someone wants to get to know your soul in its purest version


Cancer, you've become so much more reserved than you usually are. You've pulled up all your shields and barriers, and aren't letting anyone into your heart. You need to be more skillful when handling emotions, because you're missing out on the best things the universe can offer up.

Fortunately for you, this Thursday the stars will see someone trying to tear down every single wall you've built up; they want to get to know your soul in its purest, most raw version.

You'll come to find that feelings are more beautiful when you live life on the intense lane. Fear is no good, and time flies too quickly to use it poorly. In that sense, you shouldn't put off for tomorrow whatever open love declaration you could make today.

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How can it be Thursday already if you feel like the week's just getting started? There's not a second to waste, you need to roll up your sleeves and get down to do some hard work!

Today it'll be a little harder than it should to pair up your family and career life. Your schedule will run out of free spots, and you'll have to choose which appointments are top priority, and which can be delayed until further notice.

The stars encourage you to keep quiet around work, there's plenty of colleagues ready to rumble out of sheer boredom. Politeness will have to stand behind the wheel.

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Your spiritual mood will grow today, and you'll experience instances that will remind you of a loved one that departed this world. A song on the radio, the scent of a perfume... It'll be a way to tell you they're still there, watching over you.

Take good care of your nails and how they look; if you feel and see they're kind of cracking apart, you might need a vitamin supplement. And remember that nail biting isn't just a rude form of behaviour, but is also bad for your jaw and teeth.