Cancer Horoscope Saturday 2020

Cancer Horoscope - Saturday, October 24, 2020: You'll experience pure, raw love

There's great planet connections for you as October comes to a close


Cancer, there's great planet connections  for you as October comes to a close. Venus, the planet of love, and Mars, the master of desire, will join forces to create and guarantee beautiful memories.

From first thing in the morning, you'll see excellent communication in love, and you'll create an almost untouchable, but powerful magic. If you're married, your shared life will be harmonious and pleasant, and one look will say so much more than endless words.

For those of you that haven't tied down your heart, these planets foresee a dose of raw love, with high personal charm and fun, memorable dates.

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Those of you that have recently started a new job shouldn't get overly comfortable because of the trust that's been put onto you. You'll have to work harder than ever because there's many people watching you, and you'll be told off at the slightest mistake.

But here's a twist: don't take these calls for attention as a personal attack. They're just trying to make you show your best skills. Never get too comfortable, and you'll get to enjoy your own evolution.

And if you're off work this weekend, turn off the phone and enjoy your family.

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You feel your body's lacking vitamins and trace elements, and it is true that many of them don't naturally come from our body, such as is the case for vitamin A (which is present in dairy products like cheese).

However, ads could induce you to think that you need some vitamins you already get from your daily, common intake of fruits and vegetables.

Horsetail tea will be good for you, so have a cup after every meal to detox your body and cleanse it, and while you're at it, fight fluid retention.