Cancer Wednesday on a night sky background

Cancer Horoscope - Wednesday, March 24, 2021: It's time to finally get your own way

The waters will grow calmer back again


Cancer, you've woken up ready to turn the world upside down.  You feel like an ultimate warrior, and you won't let others defeat you. In that sense, if you're fighting someone else to win the heart of a romantic interest, you'll be quicker than your rival and you'll ultimately get your own way.

You're already too grown-up to play a double love game, and if that's your case, it's time to set a firm goal. And remember, you're better off alone than around someone who only wants to take advantage of your situation or contacts.

As far as your married life is concerned, today the waters will grow calmer back again after a few days of raging. Your partner is much more generous than you thought.

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You'll be facing a serious obstacle at work, but before you raise your voice too soon, see how well you can dodge it and let others sort the situation out (if it's not something you're responsible for, of course).

If you've got a debt pending payment, don't hesitate to pick up the phone and call the person who owes you money. That person really wants to settle things with you, but sometimes their memory falters.


You don't sleep well at night because you keep overthinking issues, not just your own, but also those of everyone else. You should admit to the fact that you love adding new responsibilities to your personal baggage.

In order to find your own gravitational center, today you should take every negative thought that's in your mind, and work hard to turn it around and make it positive, turning it into a source of help for a better, fuller life.

Also, include foods filled with vitamin D into your diet for perfect calcium absorption in your bones. You can find it in salmon or egg yolks, just to name a couple.

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