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Cancer Horoscope - Sunday, January 24, 2021: Be a little more selfish

Find someone to trust who can help you smile and see the light


Cancer, your friends will be a great source of support  for your heart. Those of you going through a bottomless pit will find someone to trust who can help you smile and see the light, no matter how long and nerve-wracking the tunnel looks at first.

It's time to watch your best interest first and your hobbies as well; don't always hand away your time to your partner or family consistently. Be a little more selfish, you're perfectly entitled to be that way.

And if you're single, you'll feel calmer and maybe even more sensual than you'd expect yourself to feel this Sunday. Looks like the day was made for you to win! In married couples, if you forget about your fights, you'll sink into a blissful oasis you'll never want to leave again.

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Your business vision will be outstanding.  You're quite the smart cookie, and even though others use their Sunday to laze around in bed and sleep in, you'd rather grab a pad and write down your best ideas. Any moment's good to find new projects.

With the sharp skills of a hound dog, you'll find needs that allow you to create a niche market. You'll give people around you exactly what they need (which others seem to ignore). And of course, don't forget to spot any weaknesses and strengths in the overall market.


You need to join any sports initiative at close reach. Many of your acquaintances will surely use the weekend to take a nice long stroll around the countryside, or to have a handball game.

You'll make great use of your time, because on the one hand your physique will improve; and on the other, you'll strengthen the ties that bind you together. You'll even break the taboo of sports being tedious or boring. It's all a matter of finding the right company, that's all!

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