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Cancer Horoscope - Wednesday, February 24, 2021: You're trying hard to be a better person

Get an overall perspective of your love and emotions


Cancer, you're taking one step aside  to get an overall perspective of your love and emotions where common sense and logic can be king and queen, as incompatible as you might deem them to be with what your heart feels like.

You're seeing how far the opening goes on your path to happiness. Stay alert for stimuli, and don't miss out on the good chances you'll get today.

If you're single, you'll be able to keep working on that relationship project you're so excited about, but keeping your feet on the ground as well. You're trying hard to make the other person happy and to be a better person yourself.

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Today's a good day to take things one step further at work; for instance, by requesting a raise. You'll have to make your superiors more open and sensitive to your request, but they're well aware of your value and how much you deserve it.

Try to make negotiation happen in a confidential, discreet environment, away from the glances of boring people that do nothing but spread rumours everywhere. And keep a clear idea of the speech you'll deliver, keeping your non-verbal communication in check too.

You could ask for the help of a friend who works in Human Resources, and have them tell you what the best ways to express your hope are without feeling like you're begging for it.


You'll have an excellent nervous endurance;  you won't let fear rule over your actions, you'll manage to count to 20 or even 40 when things get tough, and you'll try to keep your foul mood inside when it tries to fly off into others.

If you've kept a sedentary lifestyle for a while, you might want to consider doing your favourite sport or workout again. Your muscles will thank you, because they're in need of some action.

You'll have to keep your eyes wide open if you usually have allergy issues, especially when it comes to seasonal allergies.

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