The Cancer sign with a purple background

Cancer Horoscope - Thursday, December 24, 2020: Think about your personal happiness for once

Promise yourself you'll think about your own bliss more often


Cancer, you've got fluent communication going on,  and anyone close to you won't need too many words to find out what your heart truly means. You'll break that shy shell that sometimes sweeps you away, because you usually keep quiet for fear of making people upset.

While you're in the midst of holiday excitement, if you've found a new partner, you'll know how to prepare the grounds for getting closer to the rest of your family. In the same way, it'll be easy and charming to meet the in-laws, or your partner's kids, if you haven't found a chance yet.

If you're single, you'll rearrange your thoughts, get ready of some prejudice and promise yourself you'll think about your own bliss more often.

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Even if it's the day before Christmas, it's just another day in the calendar and you can't neglect your most basic duties.

The stars will help out in correcting mistakes you made in the past. Try to be as polite as you can, and ask colleagues that owe you a favour to help you seek a solution.

Your issues are actually simpler than you initially think. All you have to do is give your thoughts a more optimistic hue. If you get suggested to take on a challenge that lies outside your comfort zone, analyse the proposal thoroughly before refusing to do anything.


Christmas meet-ups will be a soothing element to your soul.  You'll see how much people love you, and they'll help you believe in yourself. Leave your daily worries away for the day.

Work on your body with physical activity, but don't forget to train your brain too! How about challenging a sibling of yours to a chess game, for instance? Or take some time to read one of the novels in your bookshelf.

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