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Cancer Horoscope - Monday, August 24, 2020: Don't explain yourself thin

You'll have a deep feeling of love at first sight

Cancer Horoscope Monday, 24 August 2020
Your Cancer Horoscope for Monday, August 24, 2020 | Magic Horoscope


If you're a single Cancer, you'll have a deep feeling of love at first sight. You'll feel your stomach full of fluttering butterflies, and your personality will bring you closer and closer to a gorgeous treasure.

This last Monday in August will bring you a beautiful sense of wellness, even if you feel unable to justify your latest romantic choice rationally. You'll manage to create a great welcome from your parents or kids for your latest fling.

Here's some advice, though: don't waste time explaining yourself if no one even asked you to. There'll be understanding in married couples, although some jealousy will come into the mix.

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Due to several circumstances, you'll want to please people at work and will become a bit of a hypocrite. You'll wear a mask that projects what you think is expected of you, and you'll reject and throwback your true personality and colours.

You have the dead-set intention to save the money in your accounts; no planet whatsoever will threaten your finances, but you won't see a big bag of money flop open on your lap either.

In the same way, some of your pending payments will be delayed, whether it's your paycheck, a debt that someone had to you, or the income of a grant or governmental help.


Respect your body's limits more closely. You're starting to wear yourself thin, and if you keep on that road, you'll end up falling down.

You'll do well with mild weight loss diets; you'll get much better results than with a fad diet that ends up doing you more harm than good as time goes by.

Before doing any sport, remember to warm up well and enough; that way, you'll dodge any possible injuries.

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