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Your Daily Cancer Horoscope for Friday, September 23rd, 2022

The Horoscope predicts the Stars will help you boost the power within you, Cancer


Cancer,  you're making a serious mistake by not coming undone with a significant other in your past. You're in a crucial and transcendental moment for your relationship and leaving that door open  will be a real nightmare. Shut it, lock it and then throw it into the sea.

If you don't have willpower, discuss this situation with your family: they'll be the boost you need.

If you're single, the past may be trying to get you caught in its quicksand. You were happier than you are now, but you have to  keep looking ahead.

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Your Daily Horoscope knows how much you miss those times when you enjoyed much greater financial leeway. You can't be constantly comparing yourself to your past self, because you aren't the same individual. Instead, you should try to focus on taking it one day at a time  so that your finances thrive.

If you don't want to stumble, keep your eyes on the trail.


The Horoscope reminds you that you're more than capable  of performing the job you're in now. However, the conjunction of some planets will allow you to reach that point of brilliance and lucidity  which isn't always possible, Cancer. 

Thanks to this special spark you'll excel in all the tasks you undertake.


Maybe, a few years ago an unintentional mistake took a good friend away from you, Cancer. Today you'll feel a deep longing to get back in touch. Unfortunately, your pal may not be in the mood for it...


Your Daily Horoscope shows that you may get, by chance, a very interesting discount to join a gym. You won't regret it. You just need to spend a few months there and see the physical shape you've achieved, putting all your spirit  into fulfilling your goal. 

Ideally, it should be as close as possible to your home, so you won't be too lazy to get to it.