Cancer Horoscope Wednesday 2020

Cancer Horoscope - Wednesday, September 23, 2020: Choose wisely how to spend time

You'll shatter all inhibitions, taboo and mental blockage


Cancer, you feel the weight on your back off;  your relationship becomes lighter, you're bidding farewell to issues, and opening up windows and doors to make the relationship feel fresher and more breathable.

You're setting up for a freedom-ridden Wednesday; you'll shatter all inhibitions, taboo and mental blockage. Start living things the way you feel them, and bet on your truest self; say what you always keep in.

Also, while you're at it, you should test new situations with your beloved; have some fun or passionate moments, something that helps you fuel up the flames of your love. You'll feel more youthful and you'll use up every waking hour the right way.

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Here's some advice: don't ever lie at work or tell half-truths. Any untrue statement you make will be set upon the table until you admit to your wrongdoings. There's more people ready to nitpick and tattletale on you than you think.

Have you been piling up all too many lies as of lately, perhaps because you've bragged about a resumé that actually wasn't that big a deal? Try to clear up that information on your own before you're asked for an explanation.

In any other news, all that you should know is that you might get in trouble when handling cash.

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There might be too many plans in your schedule, so you need to choose wisely how you spend time, and start to think about which situations are top priority in your life.

Despite it all, you should keep one foot on the break, and respect rest and sleep hours; these will change into a greater or lesser amount according to your age.

You'll be seriously concerned about your family's health, especially if there's someone who's feeling weak right now. You'll do whatever you can to speed up their recovery.