Cancer Sign in gold on a black background

Your Cancer Horoscope for November 23rd

Your Cancer prediction for Wednesday, November 23rd, 2022

The Cancer Horoscope points out that your successes are piling up, and you have all that one would wish for. Treasure these moments because they'll be the best you've seen in weeks.


Cancer, you can hardly hide what you feel for that secret and forbidden love. Such is the passion and strength of these encounters that you often find yourself adjusting your life and your responsibilities. You do it in a way that fits with the values of that special one.

Couples influenced by this sign will likewise take on secret acts. Perhaps the time has come to play with things that have always seemed too daring to you…

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Your Daily Horoscope foresees good figures in your bank account  (or in your piggy bank) and you don't have to worry about it. In the coming times, you'll enjoy a nice life at home, surrounded by family and friends. You're going to focus all your resources on making them all comfortable and at ease.

You'll be loved for this, but many will look at you with envy. Watch out.


The Horoscope brings you good fortune. You won't receive a promotion, but it will be a very similar thing: they'll put on you an extra responsibility. It  will show all that you're capable of, Cancer.

However, despite all your accomplishments, you won't leave a mark on the judgment of those who put you in that position. Sometimes you win, and other times you lose.


You'll be surrounded by those close to you who depend on you, Cancer. You have the personality of a leader and, just because you don't like to be so, you're one of the best.


The Daily Horoscope sees a good feast in front of you today. Perhaps a celebration, maybe a meal with friends, or a birthday, but whatever it is you're going to enjoy it.

The meat will be on the menu, and it will be very difficult for you not to be tempted to eat a good steak. However, the fruit will be present, so the Stars remind you of the importance of a diet with plenty of vitamins.