Cancer Horoscope Monday 2020

Cancer Horoscope - Monday, November 23, 2020: Outstanding skills at doing business

Take your spending down a notch and do some budget cuts


Cancer, if you've got a partner, there's no trouble brewing, but you will be clashing with a relative or one of your friends.  You'll have differing opinions in certain points of view about everyday life, and you might even feel betrayed.

Although you'll do your share of the work, you won't manage to understand what the other person is trying to tell you; you'll defend your ideas and reasoning until your last breath, and empathy will be completely gone.

As soon as you're aware of everything that's gone down, start rebuilding a relationship that will end up damaged, but fortunately not destroyed.

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Your skills at doing business will stand out. If you're spearheading a project with plenty of employees, take very good care of your team and leave your foul side home. With just a few beautiful words, you can get so much further than by being threatening.

Even though this Monday looks good ahead, don't ignore external advice completely, especially from people who have been fully acquainted with both success and failure. These people know the most about how life truly works.

In order to keep your accounts straight and in order, take your spending down a notch and do some budget cuts.


Take good care of your smile.  Protect your lips with some balm or vaseline to avoid those nasty and eventually painful cracks, and if it's been long since you last went to the dentist, go get an appointment for a check-up.

Some of you will have stress-induced blisters or little mouth sores, so learn to soothe down your nerves.

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