Cancer Tuesday on a night sky background

Cancer Horoscope - Tuesday, March 23, 2021: Make moves according to new rules

Have a full stock of energy and patience


Cancer, there's no light and fun day coming for your love life, so you need to have a full stock of energy and patience.

If you're married, you'll stay on the same track, but there's someone who encourages you to tread away from it and live a wild, short-term adventure. Keep in mind that your partner could end up badly wounded after your primal instincts, and that's not a priority.

If you're single, the person you're dating will tell you that there's nothing serious going on between you. Now that you know there's a change in the rules, think about what moves to make in your nearest future.

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You've got an interesting sense of ambition that will lead you into getting involved in an international-perspective business deal. Before you sign up any documents, analyze whether you can actually hold on through that investment and risk; don't let the thirst for money blind you.

You're awaiting important information connected to your field of expertise. The person who's supposed to share the news is goofing around, there's nothing clear from their side and that's making your patience run thin. You feel like you're being tricked and that you don't deserve that.


Lately, you've been really strict with your diet, making an excellent aim to eat more fruit and vegetables, which help your health greatly, and turning down candy and other foods that used to damage your health.

However, today you're about to send everything out the window. You don't know if the effort is really worth it, because you do many things just to please everyone else, not because you're watching your own well-being. Here's some advice: it's one thing to get yourself a snack, but it's a whole different story if you go on a binge-fest.

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