Cancer Horoscope Thursday 2020

Cancer Horoscope - Thursday, July 23, 2020: Find yourself some attainable goals

With little gestures and signs you'll say more than talking endlessly


Venus is keeping you on a high pedestal, Cancer;  you could almost be considered one of the Horoscope's most spoiled signs. Your romantic environment is pretty warm, and you'll feel the same excitement to lock glances with your partner that you did over your first few dates.

Non-verbal communication will take the spotlight; with little gestures and signs, you'll say more than if you had spent hours on end talking to each other. Gentle touches will be the norm, and you'll even manage to close some recent chapters that weren't too nice an experience.

You will feel a little more vulnerable if you're single because you could experience disappointment with the latest person you've grown to like. You'll have to learn how to feel comfortable in loneliness and love yourself the way you'd love a partner.

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You're one fierce warrior but need to be more competitive.  You should ask for an appointment with a career counsellor, even if you already have a job, to tell you which areas of your CV need some boosting.

Have you considered going back to university for a degree? It'll help you fit in better with the world and your surrounding reality, and you'd earn the respect of your most direct competition because your knowledge is fully updated.

For those of you looking for a job, the stars encourage you to think about attainable goals, and then, that's when you should start climbing your way up. Don't start building if there are no basic foundations for you to step on.


This Thursday temperature will become an overwhelming nemesis; you'll be feeling too hot (or maybe too cold)  and it'll be difficult fo you to focus.

In order for your immune system to stay strong, you could include additional vitamins and minerals into your breakfast. Bring more fruit into your menu choices and pair up meals with water, not fizzy drinks or alcohol, even if you're out with friends.