Cancer Tuesday on a night sky background

Cancer Horoscope - Tuesday, February 23, 2021: Set your alarm clock to ring earlier than usual

Pay attention to all and any details


Cancer, emotional hurricanes will catch you unprepared,  and you're afraid you'll experience irrepairable damage. Your sensitivity's running deep, and even the constructive criticism from your partner could sound like the most hurtful of comments.

If your relationship is crossing a crisis point, you'll stop in your shared tracks to see the situation with some distance. If you both feel too drained about trying to keep the machine going, it might be time to shut down, part ways and walk in different directions.

And if you're single, Venus won't support you to much when trying to find someone with whom to sleep and wake up every day. If you've got a date ahead, you'll feel doubtful about showing up, because the other person's not as interesting as they should.

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It's important that you set your alarm clock a little earlier  than usual; if you oversleep and come to work late, you'll be spotted by the person you fear the most. Pay attention to all and any details, no matter how minute; all eyes are on you today.

A colleague of yours will be in your favour at work, and will bring you great stability so that you fulfill your hardest duties.

You're looking back for a moment and reminiscing some of the goals you set out for the new year, which you haven't gotten into getting done yet. Think about why and where you went wrong.


As much as you enjoy fashion, it's important to use clothing in accordance to your health.  Sometimes you wear pants that are so tight they end up feeling annoying, or shoes that look really cute on your feet but hurt you a lot.

Your lips will be especially sensitive today, so use a nice protecting balm to avoid them from cracking up. This is for your own health and beauty!

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