The sign of Cancer in half a purple circle

Cancer Horoscope - Wednesday, December 23, 2020: Your feelings are flying free and high

Any circumstance is good to make money


Cancer, your feelings come and go without too much of an arrangement going on; they're flying free like a bird that manages to fly away from a cage, even if they don't know what the best route to happiness and a calm life is.

You'll become quite inflexible when forgiving people who made a mistake, whether it be your partner or a relative. And if you choose to be indulgent and forgive, it's forbidden that you nag at them about anything the day after tomorrow.

Since you don't like being angry at anyone, try not to bump into the stones you've planted onto your path yourself. You're your very own saboteur more often than you'd think.

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Traditional money-making ways feel boring and too restrictive, so you're considering accepting a previous business you were suggested to join a while ago, which you initially turned down.

Any circumstance is good to make money, you should know that, but only when it is truly law-abiding and finds room inside your personal values. No more, no less.

Having said that, you might benefit from a change of direction. You'll get to know your potential better, and you'll understand that you're the only captain in the ship of your life. You might even benefit from a miscalculation in your path!


If you want people around you to take care and stay healthy and in shape, you should become a role model.  It's quite easy to give other people advice and then do the complete opposite of what you've told everyone.

It might be time to be more concerned about your health than that of others. Don't forget your own ailments and illnesses, quit making up excuses and start doing things right.

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