Cancer Horoscope Sunday 2020

Cancer Horoscope - Sunday, August 23, 2020: Today's a day for confessions

Bring some truthful light to your shared life


The stars bring your week to a close with an impulse to always tell the ugly truth, no matter how harsh it may get. Or at least, you'll admit to part of the truth you usually hold back, which you don't even share with some of your friends.

Today should be a day ready for confessions, no matter how thorny they are. If there's something about your partner you don't like, bring some truthful light to your shared life, Cancer. Things won't change in just a few minutes' time, but honesty will be very much appreciated.

If you're single, take this chance to have an open conversation with the person taking over your mind at the moment. That way, you'll know whether they're worth your everything, or if you should send your wishes and hopes somewhere new.

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There's a spirit of perfection inside you that you'll want to pour into work and the way you handle your position around the office. You'll find interesting new data on your performance, and you'll see where you need to make improvements.

You could be going a bit too far in terms of expenses, which is something you shouldn't do too often (not even if you've got savings in the bank, hard times could come sooner than later).

To avoid regretting your poor financial status in the future, don't buy on impulse or satisfy every single whim your partner or kids get. They need to understand that money doesn't grow on trees.

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There's a positive impact on your health today; if you suffer from any inflammatory disorders, they will take a hard fall.

You'll be in good shape, but don't start feeling or acting like an invincible superhero;  if you don't manage your energy wisely, you'll end up getting completely wornout. And tomorrow, you're in for a week that could prove to be real hard!

Avoid greasy foods and meals as much as you can, and keep a close eye on your stomach's health.

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