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Cancer Horoscope - Friday, April 23, 2021: Your spirit is filled to the brim with open fantasies

You want your romantic bliss to take the top spot

❤️ Love

Cancer, you'll shatter some heavy chains  that stopped you from loving the way your heart wants you to. You won't accept to live your life following a code you haven't written down yourself. But this isn't a form of rebellion, you just want your romantic bliss to take the top spot.

If you're single, forbidden games will be quite tempting. Thus, you might feel attracted to people who are already taken or who have turned you down before. Your spirit is filled to the brim with open fantasies.

You'll get rid of every trace of misery or evil as far as your family goes. You'll know how to listen to your loved ones' needs, and you'll make proper choices in your married life.

💰 Money

You never know where you'll find a proper job,  so keep your eyes wide open. You might bump into a company that needs helping staff, or you might see that there's new shops opening up in your area, which is another great chance to drop your CV.

Work hard on your people skills, show the world your best smile and project success into every move you make and every glance you give. There's not a lot that shows more confidence than non-verbal communication, although it's quite a masterful skill to use it well.

Keep your cash close and be mindful of what you give away and get back in change when you shop. Stay alert so that there's no notes flying away and save yourself the trouble.

👩‍⚕️ Health

This Friday you shouldn't worry too much  as far as your health goes, except for some mild stomach aches (if you eat too much, that is).

Don't feel the peer pressure to drink alcohol. If you go out with friends for a drink, you can always order a glass of juice or a nice, ice-cold fruit slushie.

👍 Tip of the day

Music will soothe down some of your inner demons into quietness

🍀 Lucky numbers

Your lucky numbers for Friday, April 23 are 3, 19 and 28.

🤝 Compatibilities 

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Sagittarius and Libra  in Friendship

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