Cancer Horoscope Sunday 2020

Cancer Horoscope - Sunday, November 22, 2020: You'll negotiate in a casual environment

You'll feel butterflies fluttering around your belly again


Cancer, your heart will skip a beat because of this Sunday's constant showers of light. You'll cross paths with someone that will break your whole system apart. You'll feel some serious attraction towards that new person in your life, and you don't know how long they're staying.

You'll feel butterflies fluttering around your belly again at an intensity you hadn't felt in a while. Their presence will feel like wildfire spreading and it will give you the warmest of hugs.

And if you're single, take a look at how much you appreciate your independence, that kind of freedom you usually boast about as one of your greatest treasures, and whether you'll hand it over to the newcomer.

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You'll have a great Sunday. If you've experienced overwhelming financial issues, today you'll give them the exact importance, and you won't allow your weekend to become a funeral. You'll even come up with ways to sort out your issues relatively easily.

Also, the Horoscope foresees today's a great day to open up negotiation rounds in a casual environment, such as a lunch with friends or a meeting in your social club.

If you're thinking about requesting a raise or extra days off, you should learn about the best way to negotiate with managers first, and apply whatever solution you deem best tomorrow first thing in the morning.

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You should be okay physically at a general level, and you might even have a pretty highly developed agility sense.

Mentally speaking, however, you could have issues, especially when trying to go to sleep, perhaps because you don't have a proper schedule for it. Some of you might even have nightmares where your daily concerns will mix in with all kinds of unpleasant instances.

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