Cancer Monday on a night sky background

Cancer Horoscope - Monday, March 22, 2021: Get a whole roster of new contacts for your list

Be more flexible and open the door to new people


Cancer, don't obsess over your partner's flaws.  Life's too beautiful to waste it like that, and it's got more good than bad in it. Look at the glass half-full, and your married life will be a much nicer experience.

If you're single and starting on a romantic relationship today, you won't get much further. Perhaps you'll get a nice friend out of this, maybe close enough to be lifelong, but you won't tie the knot with them.

The main advice here is to be more flexible. Open the door to new people, and get a whole roster of new contacts for your list; also, don't fret too much about classic home issues.

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What you're looking after at work isn't too simple. You're waiting to find that ideal position that perfectly suits your career goals, but you're not making the best moves.

Some of you will get a pat on the back for carrying out successfully some complex projects. Follow that lead, and sooner or later you'll see your wages rise.

A virtue nearly as important as creativity is adapting what's already there and improving it. If you're currently working on creating a business, don't hesitate to imitate those who are already successful, and then, give it your own twist and special style.


You'll be well-protected in health and wellness. Your energy will be more than enough to fulfill responsibilities, and your body will tell you when to take a break and have a deep breath.

An old adage says that you shouldn't put off for tomorrow what you can do today, so follow the advice in that classic idiom, because the week could get really long.

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