The sign of Cancer with a black starred background

Cancer Horoscope - Friday, January 22, 2021: Your power of seduction will be outstanding

You'll know how to do the right thing


Cancer, your seduction power will be one of the highest in the whole zodiac wheel, and you'll be able to reap phone numbers and date requests as easily as someone picking flowers from a field.

This kind of stardom might not feel too good in married couples. Your partner will feel like they're falling on the backseat and might pull out the jealousy card, which generally clouds up your whole skies even when they look the brightest.

And if you're single, you'll have a special talent at feeling attracted towards the worst person you can get (or at least the most complex one); someone who clashes with your religious or political beliefs, or who is already in a relationship.

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There's no particular lucky strike in business as far as the stars see it, and today you might experience some nasty clashes. Perhaps, on a more optimistic day, you could have dealt with them with plenty of strength under your sleeve, but you're feeling especially frail today.

Some of you will have to accuse a colleague who's been performing really foul as of lately; in that sense, listen to your survival instinct. It won't be nice, and you'll be afraid to be pointed as a brown-noser in the future.

Let your sense of finances guide you as far as budgeting goes, and you'll know how to do the right thing and keep your expenses moderate.


You're fighting the ill feeling  you've been dragging around for the last few days, and you'll be able to get in the hands of top healthcare experts.

Don't feel overwhelmed if doctors can't find the solution to your issues right away; every single body is different, and not all of us have the same reaction to the same treatment.

To fly away from the world and find yourself, music will be a great ally; play your favourite instrument, and if you're not too good at playing yourself, you'll relax by listening to your favourite album.

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