Cancer Monday on a night sky background

Cancer Horoscope - Monday, February 22, 2021: Be cautious when giving any advice

It's best to watch and learn in silence


Cancer, stay alert with your love life;  make tiny but safe steps, with no room for improvisation or error. If you stay careful, you won't have to cry about getting your gorgeous heart hurt. If you're too innocent, you're running the risk of being tricked and fully swept away with appearance.

In the same way, be cautious when giving any advice. Don't meddle into the issues of other couples, because you might have to swallow your own words like a bitter pill later on. Don't criticise anyone, even if you've got a great place for it. It's best to watch and learn in silence.

As far as your family goes, everything will be smooth sailing this Monday; you'll get some happy news, perhaps about your children's work or school situation.

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You'll feel like something's missing around work today.  You feel like the image that people have in mind when they think of you doesn't fit reality, especially with all the potential inside you.

Try to make your colleagues do their work well without relying on your criteria as often, and find a spark that can ignite a simpler way to do things.

As a team leader, you're running the risk of being too tough; show how aware you can truly be about the reality of the lives of other people, including their hopes and concerns.


Open your windows wide at home,  and bring some fresh air and oxygen so that foul vibrations leave once and for all. Besides, by refreshing your home environment, you prevent mold from coming up and you help get rid of any bacteria and toxins we expel through our bodies.

Finally, your diet should be well-stocked with proteins, whether they are animal or vegetable-based.

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