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Cancer Horoscope - Tuesday, December 22, 2020: Don't let laziness play tricks on you

You'll have a special kind of wisdom to deal with romantic routines


Cancer, you're reconsidering some statements you thought were completely certain about love. The ideas of faithfulness, loyalty or romance are somehow social constructs, and now you see things from a different viewpoint you used to have years ago.

You'll have a special kind of wisdom to deal with romantic routines, and if there's a chance of experiencing quick flings, you'll take them all. Your partner will notice this change in your attitude and will feel quite thankful for it.

If you're single, you should be careful when pulling out all the stops. Your intuition's kind of missing out, and the other person doesn't like you as much as you think (especially if your conversations are virtual and sort of long-lasting, and not in a good way).

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Your business and money are highly linked to familly or relationship issues. If your marriage has recently come to an end and you're pending divorce signing, pay attention to every point and clause, just in case you might be getting tricked.

Don't let laziness (or a lack of readiness to discuss issues) play tricks on you. Find proper communication tools to avoid being defeated in this story.

The same instructions will be good if you're breaking out from a business society, or preparing the grounds for an inheritance agreement.


If you don't have a steady partner, you should double your attention when getting into bed to avoid getting a disease or risking getting one. When you protect yourself, you'll protect others as well.

In any other news, you've got a pretty calm Tuesday ahead of you, and you'll be able to recover from the tiredness you were dragging around from the weekend.

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