Cancer Horoscope Monday 2020

Cancer Horoscope - Monday, September 21, 2020: Live out your present and admit to your past

It's time to stock up on good ideas and stop wasting time


Cancer, you could experience relationship issues,  especially if there's a serious cultural or religious difference between the two of you.

In any case, the most crucial thing to remember is that you should be understanding and not try to find out who's got the absolute truth in their hands. A nice, polite debate will surely help you find some common ground.

If you're rebuilding your life after divorce, forget about shyness! It's time to stock up on good ideas and stop wasting time in silly matters. And remember: routine is your biggest nemesis, so make this Monday a magical, irreplaceable day.

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You're slowly starting to make progress as far as professional goals are concerned, although you're super impatient and you'd like things to move on quicker. But you know that if you pull out the cake too early, the flavour and texture won't be good enough.

You will become easily frustrated as well. Whenever there's a bump on the road, you'll feel a bit down in the dumps, and that's when you need to bring out your inner strength.

Don't attend a social event if it entails serious money spending (a gala dinner, for instance). Just because your friends go, or maybe because there's going to be people you don't know so well but feel attractive, that isn't enough of a reason to break the bank.

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You'll devote part of your Monday to find balance both physically and mentally. To avoid feeling distress, don't try out activities that turn out to be too complex or require a great deal of endurance.

Learn to forgive your past mistakes; there's no use in punishing yourself for years on end. Live out your present and admit to your past, and only then will you find peace.

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