Cancer Sunday on a sky background

Cancer Horoscope - Sunday, March 21, 2021: Discretion is a rising asset

You're highly protective of your privacy


Cancer, if you're on a steady relationship, the stars warn there's signs of dullness and unimportant arguments coming up. As the week comes to an end, sharing house chores and family duty could be a source of clashing.

If you've got secret love games going on, you'll have to be very careful. Discretion is a rising asset, especially if you want your partner to stay on the low and out of everyone's sight (perhaps because you're highly protective of your privacy, or you're with someone who's very different to you).

Try not to be too generous sharing pictures on social media. The imagination of bored-out people will fly and soar with just a little bit of information you share.

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Come closer today to influential individuals with power, whom you've already identified. Be very natural, boost your strengths, and prove that you're a rising talent.

Delays and difficulties in communicating with your colleagues could be too annoying. Try to stay calm and wait for things to cool down a little bit more.

You'll have a chance to spend a great sum of money. The Horoscope perceives that you've got a bit of a shop-mad flair whenever you go shopping, no matter if it's an actual store or online.

You'll want to purchase items that you won't always need, which will be more about bragging than anything else.


You might be exposed to minor skin issues which could come from stress. In that sense, you should aim for natural, eco-friendly cosmetic products. They're not as pricey as you think!

Also, avoid getting in direct contact with sick people unless you're properly protected. Your immune system barriers will break down, and you'll have to watch your own well-being twice as closely.

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