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Cancer Horoscope - Thursday, January 21, 2021: You could mistake love for other emotions

It'll be kind of easy for you to sort out your current conflicts


Cancer, without falling prey to boredom, you'll enjoy a calm, well-meant Thursday. You'll try to make the world a nicer place, and it'll be kind of easy for you to sort out your current conflicts. Indulgence is one of your main values.

Your other half will admire your vitality and energy, and will embrace whatever agreements you offer them to enjoy a more romantic co-existence. Some of you could even be accused of being too cheesy, though.

If you're single, the Horoscope allows you to be more open. You'll be much more receptive to meet-ups, and some of you might even dare to go to a blind date. But here's a little note: you might be mistaking love for different emotions.

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You keep overthinking too much.  You want to expand your business without really finding out how. Don't despair, because sooner or later you'll have an idea that allows you to break ties with boredom.

Consider leaving your comfort zone behind, even if you've been working to get there for years. You could find a good chance at making business out of the city or even the country.

In that sense, you'll be very lucky if you're away on a business trip. You understand you aren't at the end of your rope yet, because there's still a lot to see (and conquer).


You'll have an overall good health status,  and your vitality will be nearly perfect. However, you won't tolerate sudden temperature changes, and if you move quickly from heat to cold, you might get a short flu in the process. Here's some advice: don't abuse heating or AC systems.

In order to protect your personal hygiene, remember to clean up your phone every now and then, and don't use it in places with a high bacteria concentration, such as the bathroom and kitchen.

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