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Cancer Horoscope - Sunday, February 21, 2021: Pick up your phone to have some fun

You're very specific about who you want around you


Cancer, you're ending the week with a bit of a harsh mood on you;  you feel that anyone ready to rile you up will end up doing so. You're very specific about who you want around you, and particularly sure of what you really don't want to see.

Over this point of inflection in the form of a Sunday, some of you considering ending a love story will be brave enough to talk to your partner and close the book for good. You're open to conversation; they might make you change at some point, but at least you'll have expressed your dissatisfaction.

If you're single and want lots of romantic fun in your life, you should just pick up your phone and call the person you like. The other person wants to be starting something, but they lack the drive to make the first move.

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Your work situation will become steadier  after closing a week filled with ups and downs. You're starting to run some calculations, because the end of the month can get quite tough, especially if you're unfortunate enough to work for a company that pays on whatever day they like, with no formality about their actions.

You'd be surprised with how quick you can get back what belongs to you. That's why it's necessary that you claim the money you loaned to a friend or relative that hasn't come back yet. An excess in trust can be toxic sometimes.


Your appetite will be in close check,  but you won't feel like doing any sport. Those of you with a serious or painful illness will start trusting healers or any other kinds of alleged experts who promise to soothe your pain with magical and nearly miraculous remedies.

However, you're running the risk of going through the exact opposite and seeing your situation get worse (without even mentioning how many individuals of this sort just try to rob their patients off all their money).

Forget about anyone suggesting innovative therapies, and only trust qualified medicine, no matter how hard the fight gets.

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