The Cancer sign

Cancer Horoscope - Monday, December 21, 2020: No one can beat your originality and humour

Inside your chest, you feel a bubble about to burst in happiness


Cancer, you'll go to the edge of the earth to give your beloved love and affection; there's no such thing as distance or challenges for you. You know that love is the strongest force on earth.

Inside your chest, you feel a bubble about to burst in happiness, ready to share displays of affection and make the world a slightly better place. Some of you will even play matchmakers to help single friends meet their ideal date.

If you're single, you should know you've got an elegant flair, which will help you win over anyone you want. No one can beat your originality and humour.

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You've got great discipline, and that allows you to dodge the issues coming on for the day. Your optimism and your visionary future predictions will allow you to fix some misunderstandings around work.

Still, even if you're a pacifier, that doesn't mean you should take on everything or accept disrespect from older people who think they can look down on you.

On the other hand, you should prepare to get some privileged information. You might think about using it to invest part of your savings.


As the week begins, you deserve a bit of pampering so that the next few days don't become an uphill battle.

Be more flexible about your whims. If you feel like having something sweet, do it, but don't make a general rule out of it. From tomorrow on, try to do things better.

Life has forced you to learn that there's no such thing as miracle diets. In order to keep up a healthy weight, you need to look into how food is made, and how much of it you're eating.

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