Cancer Horoscope Friday 2020

Cancer Horoscope - Friday, August 21, 2020: Money doesn't mean everything

The stars will multiply your ambition and working power


This Friday, your romantic relationships will stand out.  If you've got pending issues to sort out, find a spot in your schedule, because you'll sort them out, no matter how complex they initially look.

Don't keep quiet about your thoughts or emotions; you need to talk to your family, friends and partner more often. Not just today, but any day, at any given time. People around you are annoyed often because they feel you're too private and reserved.

You've got a feeling yourself that no one understands you, but that feeling is just in the mind. You enjoy feeling a little out of place, Cancer; be honest about that.

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The stars will multiply your ambition and working power. Your professional life will get pretty exciting without you even having to make great efforts.

Use the day to face your financial issues, especially those that you usually put off and think about solving some other day, and if they get sorted out by themselves, even better. You'll manage your finances efficiently and overcome whatever difficulty arises; all you need to do is get down to work.

And while you're at it, remember that money doesn't mean everything. You should start separating the price and the value of things because they are completely different standards.

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As far as your wellness goes, there's no pain or anything of the sort coming up. Venus will guide you into a sense of softness that can be good for your health.

You only have to see problems with a certain perspective and avoid comparing yourself to others. Don't forget that you're a unique person with unique circumstances.

There might be things that you don't get done at first, but don't let go with anger. Let everything flow naturally and avoid acting as if you've been gravely defeated.