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Your Daily Cancer Horoscope for Thursday, April 21, 2022

Trusting yourself could lead you in the right direction, Cancer


Cancer, your intelligence guides you down the right road most of the time, but you should let the world surprise and love you. We know that you take great care of those around you, but you need to relax, let it happen the other way and get surprised with love and affection.


The Daily Horoscope has a very interesting message for you today. Your intuition will get you closer to a likely business source.

That means you need to keep your eyes open and not let slide those that could hold great chances for you ahead. They could make you earn so much more money than what you make on a full month of work.


Your Horoscope says that you're highly persistent and patient, even if you have impulsive days. That's why you do well to listen to your inner voice, because it's usually right almost every single time. It's important that you listen to yourself and choose what's best for you.


The Daily Horoscope shows that, in terms of health, you need to nourish your inner well-being more often so that you feel good from the inside out. That's essential.

Lucky numbers for Cancer

Cancer, your lucky numbers for Thursday, April 21, are: 8, 89, 93, 98.

Compatibilities for Cancer


Leo & Taurus


Caoricorn & Cancer


Libra & Leo

Tip for Cancer

Get rid of toxic beliefs.

Cancer Celebrities

Here are three celebrities born under Cancer, just like you:

- Larri Merritt, YouTuber born in California, United States, on July 22, 1998

- Laura Branigan, singer born in Brewster, New York, on July 3, 1952

- Alex Trebek, game show host born in Greater Sudbury, Canada, on July 22, 1940

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