Cancer Sign in gold on a starry black background and the word Cancer in white letters

Your Cancer Horoscope for November 20th

Your Cancer prediction for Sunday, November 20th, 2022

Today's Cancer Horoscope is here to demand willpower and determination from you. Read what the Stars have in store for you and check your compatibilities carefully.


Cancer, the Horoscope warns you that they're conspiring against you and it's being right in front of your eyes. That individual has ended up deciding they don't want you to come into his/her life and they're making the situation tense so that you'll leave. Such childish behavior isn't what you deserve, you'll have to learn to distance yourself from the pain when you find it out.

If you're in a healthy and happy relationship, the Stars will move in your favor. You will rekindle that most juvenile flame of love.

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Your Daily Horoscope sees that you start thinking about that gift. Your loved ones deserve that you invest in this type of present because they help you with all things. Don't skimp when adding details to what you're buying, even if it's expensive. After all, you have the money to pay for it, don't you?

If you're going through a tough economic time, start being realistic about your situation. You can't spend what you don't have in your pocket.


The Horoscope states that in the office today you'll begin to detect some envy for the gift you have to perform that position. You should remain impervious to the stares or comments this may arouse, as they'll be malicious.

Instead, focus on continuing to improve your performance and capabilities. Show how far you can go when you work, Cancer.


A crush is blooming in your circle of friends like a daisy in spring, Cancer. You'll welcome it, but not all the members of your group will think this is so cute.


The Daily Horoscope warns you that your skin is eagerly awaiting that treatment. Stop postponing another day the start your hygiene and beauty routine. The epidermis is a very sensitive organ that deteriorates very easily.

Your disinterest could trigger premature aging that wouldn't be good for you at all.