Cancer Horoscope Friday 2020

Cancer Horoscope - Friday, November 20, 2020: Set your dating rules beforehand

All of this information could prove useful to set the pace in a budding romance


Cancer, love is just like any other game: everyone knows it and has gotten involved with it, but rules change from one person to the next. That's why you should have a chat with your partner to set some clear ground rules for both of you.

Have a conversation and choose what's okay between you and what isn't so that there's no unnecessary arguments coming in the futures. Besides, if you're flexible enough, you can modify those ground rules accordingly. Love isn't a dictatorship where one person sets the rules and the other one just obeys.

If you're single, all of this information could prove useful to set the pace in a budding romance. You need to look at each other like equals and work together on the path that will guide your life from this moment on.

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As far as work goes, make a thorough analysis of your duties  and those of your colleagues so that you aren't too wildly surprised at the end of the day.

Maybe there's nothing wrong with the functions assigned to you, and perhaps there's someone too smart for comfort that gives you their share of the work.

If you're currently enrolled in a course or at university you should keep a tighter schedule. Take a look at when's the best time to get down to study, and when you should take breaks so that your session is most profitable.

Sitting in front of your notes for hours on end stuck in place doesn't make sense if you don't give your brain a break. Let your mind soar free from time to time.

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Your inner bateries will be just like that of a car: if you keep moving, they'll restore themselves. But a sedentary lifestyle is the worst for you.

And don't put off any medical appointments: follow your schedule to the last bit, even if seeing your doctor seems a little scary.