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Cancer Daily Horoscope for Friday, May 20, 2022

Cancer, remember to fight for what you deserve


Cancer, you'll be inspired enough to plan a romantic getaway at a countryside inn. 

Or maybe you prefer to celebrate in another beautiful place. Something unexpected, long overdue may come to light when you're there.

However, the harmony of the Stars watching you will give you empathy and communicative skills that will help you sort out all conflict. You'll come back twice as rich: as a couple, and individually.


The Daily Horoscope says you're in for a day of great aspirations, Cancer.

You invest long hours into collaborating with that specific client, and you're starting to think you might deserve better.

Saturn's transition will help you find the self-love and self-esteem you need to consider changing the course of your work expectations.

If you want to make much more money, you'll have to find clients who do accept your ambitious projects, and can pay up better.


Cancer, your Horoscope encourages you to stop shaming yourself for asking for help, just because you think you'll be seen as incapable or a poor worker. That's not the case, you're not worse than any colleague because you don't know how (or can't) do something.

You're still young, with plenty to learn, and it's okay to go find support in veteran employees to know how to sort a sticky situation out. If you get help today, you're in for a calm weekend.


Cancer, your Daily Horoscope wants you to consider seeing a physical therapist to release all the tension piling up on your neck area.

As hard as you find it to believe, it'll help you correct your posture when you sit down for work. It'll slowly soothe your back pain, which stops you from sleeping all night.

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