Cancer Saturday on a sky background

Cancer Horoscope - Saturday, March 20, 2021: Tell your family about your deepest secret

You'll feel mighty proud of who you are


Cancer, today's a good moment to share that information you had been keeping in  out of caution, which specifically concerns your heart.

For instance, you might introduce the person who shares your life to your kids, or let your family know that you're in a not so traditional relationship with its own kind of rules.

You'll feel mighty proud of who you are, and you won't waste breath giving explanations; instead, you'll respond to any questions that come around. You know you're not hurting anyone, so that's why you'll try your other half to get in your shoes and understand your motivations.

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Today you might regret some of the choices you made at work, perhaps because you made them in a rush or without the full intel at hand. If you keep up a firm grip you'll be able to change anything.

Set straight any documents around you, and decide what moves you'll be making, and in which direction.

As far as personal finances go, this Saturday you won't be tempted to make unnecessary, absurd purchases. You'll try to uphold strong saving barriers, and if something stops working at home, you'll choose to repair it instead of shopping for a new item.


If you've got recurring sleep issues  and you can feel you're not resting well, you might want to get used to a nice lime or valerian cup before you go to bed. It's a natural and quite inexpensive remedy.

And when doing sport at the gym, remember to warm up properly, because you could suffer an injury today. Always listen to your coach's instructions, and make sure your hygiene is excellent while you're sweating your body off.

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