Cancer Horoscope - Wednesday, January 20, 2021: You're one to fall for short, intense love stories

Get rid of any doubt you've got in mind, put away jealousy for good


Cancer, your imagination's all over the place.  Anyone who tells you something about your beloved will be automatically telling the truth for you. You tend to believe everything you hear, and that could get you into some serious trouble.

Your partner loves you more than you want to think; you should get rid of any doubt you've got in mind, put away jealousy for good, and try to be happier, because it looks like you're holding yourself back from it. Why do you always try to find the impossible answer?

If you're free and ready to mingle, you'll be one to fall for short, intense love stories. Whatever relationships start today won't last too long, but at least you'll have a blast while they last.

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By keeping a relatively low profile, today you'll catch the attention of influential individuals in your field of expertise. Some of you will spread good seeds that will end up in promotion or any other kind of profit that involves more money (or free time).

You'll stand out for your social awareness, you know you can do a lot of good for people around you who are in need and troubled.

Financially speaking, you'll consider helping out someone close even if your savings have to pay the price, and you'll do it with a big smile across your face. Despite the year having a harsh start, you admit that you're quite privileged.


You're prone to going through a psycho-somatic illness;  you need to channel that occasional anxiety of yours.

Get in the hands of experts, and stay away from foul habits like smoking or bingeing on food to soothe it down.

Art will help you channel those feelings that sometimes mix up in your heart. Let out your full creativity, especially if you enjoy writing. Put into paper the fears that are eating you alive, and perhaps you'll find a solution.

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