Cancer Tuesday on a night sky background

Cancer Horoscope - Tuesday, April 20, 2021: Open your heart up to peace and quiet

Let your family members take your hand into a path of happiness


Cancer, let your family members take your hand into a path of happiness,  at least in terms of your relationships. Sometimes you let yourself go with primal instincts and fall off the right track, and their kind words will encourage you to reflect (especially if you've been involved in an argument or fight).

Open your heart up to peace and quiet, and let love fly freely any way it wants around your home. Don't try to enclose it in a confined space.

Use the beginning of the week to search deeper for your soulmate if you're single. And if there's a date going wrong, don't feel defeated; it might have just been the case of a wrong match.


You might enjoy improvements in your career.  You'll find you're luckier than others if you work in agriculture and cattle farms, because your negotiation skills will be perfect, and no one will turn your proposals down.

Today, the Horoscope will keep you more active and agile, and powerful individuals who were already keeping you on target will notice.

There's some areas in your finances being boosted, and you'll feel some pressure taken off of your shoulders if debts were starting to suck up the last breaths of air from you.


You'll work hard to keep your life happier than sadder, no matter how much of a mess life is out there. There might be serious changes around you, but you'll keep patience in check and always find a reason to smile.

Your health is going up a notch this week. It's time to fully enjoy your physical status by doing things you didn't dare to out of caution, while still keeping your own limits in mind.

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