Cancer Horoscope Wednesday 2020

Cancer Horoscope - Wednesday, September 2, 2020: The wrong kind of attraction

You might have an unusual adventure ahead of you


Be more cautious than ever, because you'll fall prey to a sensuality mixed in with pleasure which will make you lose your manners and your mind in the process. You'll feel strongly attracted to someone you know isn't good for you.

It will be precisely their evil side what you'll feel more shocked and attracted about. And if you're in a relationship, your significant other could bring out their jealous side, and there might be a storm brewing.

If you're free as a bird, what's holding you back from giving in to temptation? You might have an unusual adventure ahead of you that could lead you into new intimacy areas you hadn't tried out before.

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Cancer, you want to carry out new professional plans that will allow you to lead a more comfortable, leisurely life. Unfortunately, for the time being, you can't have as many nice things as you'd like, and you'll have to be wise when choosing where and how to spend your money.

You'll be more determined than ever to make your professional life a pleasant experience, you'll bury the hatchet with your colleagues (even the meanest ones) and you'll wear your biggest, brightest smile.

And for those of you who need a more fluid cash flow, you might want to sell items that you've got lying around the house and no longer need. There's certain albums and movies that can reach some interesting numbers in collectors' markets.


You'll bump against slightly unexpected home issues  that will drain off all your energy; the little strength you have after work events, family duty and other issues in general.

At least, you should rest assured that your skies will have a beneficial influence and protect you greatly. Your immune system is at a good stage, and you can add perfect digestion to the mix.

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