Cancer Horoscope Monday 2020

Cancer Horoscope - Monday, November 2, 2020: Fun romantic adventures are coming

You'll protect your own wellbeing and your heart's strong beat


Cancer, there's a charming day ahead this Monday. You'll protect your own wellbeing and your heart's strong beat, but you won't forget your partner's and family's needs either. Your love should be the best one out there today.

Joy and harmony will take the wheel, you'll be more affectionate than usual and, rather than sheltering away in your secret garden, your communication channels with everyone will be wide open. You'll have a particularly good connection with your kids or parents.

And if you're single, you'll enjoy your freedom and have a fun adventure with someone you didn't expect to. A completely mundane conversation will make room for deeper talks (which could eventually turn spicy).

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As far as work is concerned, the stars encourage you to avoid going too deep in big projects, because they could be too big for comfort and you might not handle them well.

If you've had a shopping spree this past weekend, it might not be too late. Keeping the receipts is essential, because you'll be able to get items back (as long as you haven't used them yet).

Thus, the money that jumped out of your wallet will plunge right back into it. Also, you should make a promise to avoid being such a cash splasher, because things aren't too good to go wasting your money like that.

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Your body's keeping in shape and you're starting to recover from certain illnesses that had weakened you down; especially if you've had discomfort on your lower limbs, and more particularly, your feet.

And if you're usually ambushed by allergies, you should take additional protection measures. It wouldn't be a bad idea to clean up the house and get rid of every trace of dust, something for which your respiratory tract will be more than grateful.

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