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Cancer Horoscope - Tuesday, March 2, 2021: Have better manners when flirting around

Make whatever changes you deem appropriate


Cancer, you're taking a look at your current role in the family and your relationship.  It's hard for you to know the extent to which you've chosen to take responsibilities and an attitude of your own, and how much you've let go with the flow.

Today's a great day for you to make whatever changes you deem appropriate. You know there's things that won't evolve overnight, but you can modify your behaviour gradually so that everyone gently starts to get used to it.

And if you're free and unattached, you should have better manners when flirting with the person you like; oftentimes you're too visceral, and you ask the other person slightly uncomfortable questions.

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You'll find yourself in the midst  of a thousand daily battles, but you'll be extremely mentally strong, and they won't add any issues to what's already going on. You'll find sensible solutions to them, and you'll be wise enough to analyse the situation with a cool mind and several perspectives at hand.

You should be interested in getting to know the world you live in. Read more press to find out the latest news related to banks, mortgages or interest rates. There might be some valuable information for your current financial situation.


You'll have quite a satisfying physical condition.  You'll keep this status up as long as you don't go to excess; therefore, it's not a good idea to go out and drink until you're passed out cold, or break your schedule routine because you stayed up too late.

In the same way, try to watch your love for sweets and cakes closely, because they're filled with calories that it's hard to get rid of. Don't trust the easy path you trod to lose weight in the past, because things have changed.

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