Daily Horoscope for Cancer for Thursday, June 2, 2022

Cancer, anticipate to negative events


Cancer, today you'll get some extra income for selling second-hand items you no longer use. You weren't too trusting of apps or forums, but you found trustworthy shoppers who paid ahead of time.

Now it's your turn to make sure you ship their purchases on time and in the agreed conditions to earn that money fair and square.  If it works, this could be an interesting income source.


Cancer, your Horoscope has a warning:  that new client is as suspicious as they seem. Watch out for the demands they might make, and their slow payments as well; you might have to issue a warning to make them pay.

Write down a contract where everything is crystal clear before you start working. And of course, make an invoice for the corresponding claim if the situation becomes impossible. You fight cheeky monkeys by being professional.


Cancer, your Daily Horoscope says you might have to visit the emergency room for a sudden high fever.

It'll start with a cough every now and then, and it'll get worse.

You shouldn't hesitate to go see your doctor to get a solution. It isn't serious, but prevention is always better than the cure.


Cancer, you're in for bad news if you're taken: you're about to reveal a transformation of the perspectives you've got in your relationship. But if you're single, you'll find out that your date is addicted to lying.

Watch out for the mask those around you use when they're with you. There are great actors and actresses scattered all over. If you want authenticity, you should show the real you as well.


Compatibilities for Cancer


Aquarius & Leo


Pisces & Aries


Pisces & Virgo

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